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Brand2 is an independent consulting firm working for companies, individuals and other organizations, specialized in branding and any other issues related to corporate identity.
Fernando Primo de Rivera Oriol
Our CEO... Fernando 46, has plenty of experience in the financial markets and the entrepreneurial world which is of great help to our project. At the same time he is involved in searching for names and verbal branding, believe it or not!!

"Every tengible or intangible concept, needs a name or an image in order to be differentiate from others. Nothing is real until it is idetified"

Alfredo Prados Covarrubias
Alfredo 41, studied Adevertising Art (C.E.N.P.), Master in Adevertising and Business Comunication (ESIC. Madrid) in adition to a Masters in TV. Several web-designs, multimedia & design courses. Combined with teaching (QUE??): Escuela TAI, Almedia Consulting y STI Formación. Alfredo has photography awards and made several exhibitions. Alfredo contributes with his restraint creativity to our task.

"A brand should generate confidence through its coherent design and strategy ."

Damián Primo de Rivera Oriol
Damián 36, Studied comunication design at Parsons School of design with a minor in history of art, combined with drawing and 3D courses. His long experience in the profesional field of design, allows Damian to contribute single handed in all projects.

"I beleive in the visual appearance of things, the longer something holds your eyes, the better"